texan wire wheels

Beverly Hills, CA based Texan Wire Wheels™ is the premier aftermarket wire wheels manufacturer of car rims for the vintage ’83s™ and ’84s™ 30 Spoke wire wheels. Family owned and operated, Texan Wire Wheels™ services all 50 U.S. States and as far around the world as New Zealand.

With a growing roster of quality dealers across the country and a secure online payment processing center, Texan Wire Wheels’ 30 spoke products are easily and readily available for both the consumer and authorized dealer.

Almost everywhere you look these days you are likely to catch glimpse of a tricked-out truck, car or SUV dressed with custom wheels. And to make things more interesting, if those custom wheels are Texan Wire Wheels’ 30 spoke ’83s™ or ’84s™ Swangas, then that vehicle is called a “slab”.

texan wire wheels 30 spoke wheels

Texan Wire Wheels’ 20 inch ’84 standard, 20 inch ’84 Super Poke®, 22 inch ’84 standard and 22 inch ’84 Super Poke® plus-size rims are setting trends and new standards. Automobile manufacturers are opening up the fender wells of newer vehicles to accept 20 inch and above custom car wheels as dealer options.

It is safe to say that wheels are among the easiest items to change from stock to custom. Changing from the dull steel factory wheels to beautiful and shiny custom chrome wheels makes a salient difference in any truck, passenger car, SUV, vintage auto or custom car’s appearance. To titivate those custom wheels even more, Texan Wire Wheels also offers an array of wheel caps that compliment their 30 spoke wire wheels. From the center hexagon cap to the 2-Bar (wing) and the inimitable 2-Bar Combination (wing and center cap) wheel caps in chrome and gold finish. And let’s not forget the newly added drill tip cap.

17 inch extreme poke 30 spokes

Hang on, step aside and make room for the Texan Wire Wheels™ Extreme™ Poke wire wheels, known on the streets as Gorilla Pokes. These audacious and gorgeous wire wheels has more wheel hub extension than the Super Poke® and is available in 15 inch and 17 inch ’83s™ and ’84s™.

Americans love their cars and they love them even more when those cars are sporting shining new custom sleek rims. When pondering the current crop of cars on the road, you might subscribe to the adage, “They don’t make ’em like they used to”—and you might be right. But Texan Wire Wheels 30 Spoke wheels are bringing cool back and providing personality to cars, like in the good old days. Regardless of your choice of vehicle, you can give it personal style with Texan Wire Wheels’ ’83s™ and ’84s™ 30 Spoke high-end and high-quality wheels.

Logically, one might suppose that most of Texan Wire Wheels’ customers comes from testosterone-drenched young males. This demographic does constitute a fair percentage of its buyers, but Texan Wire Wheels’ customer base is far broader than that. Women make up about a third or more of the buyers. Some might be getting the wheels as gifts for boyfriends and husbands, but many are “tricking out” their own rides, opting for wheels that better suit their personality.

It’s all about having street credit and personalizing your ride. Texan Wire Wheels’ rims provides the shiny shoes for a smoking ride and they can turn even the modest of cars into an elegant and stylish magnum opus.

If you’re looking to change your ride from bleak to chick, looking for a little bling, or interested in swangin’ wide, Texan Wire Wheels has a rim for that — in its line of standard, Super Poke™, Extreme Poke™ products of ’83s™ and ’84s™ 30 Spoke wire wheels.